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36 HRs Part-Time | 6 Weeks

Unleash your creativity and learn to design Characters for films and games

Grants Available for SG/PR*

About Character Design Course

The goal of this Character Design course is to provide advanced theoretical and practical expertise of figure/character development for a variety of visual storytelling media, such as games and animation. Investigate a character’s essence by cultivating their attitude and delving into what makes them feel real and grounded. You’ll learn how to express all parts of a character in their apparel as well as the smallest details, such as position, attitude, and personality, in the video game and cinematic worlds. Brush up on your digital painting talents by experimenting with different painting techniques and strategies such as custom shapes, custom brushes, etc in this Digital Art Class. This course will teach you how to design a character based on a tale and how to comprehend and develop character poses.


Characters are the agents through which we are brought into the world and universe of a Game, Movie or TV Show; in this course we dive deep into what makes a character effective and believable. Explore the essence of a character by developing their attitude and personality, and learn to show it through costume, poses, and expressions.


Taught and mentored by Kingston Chan, who has over two decades of experience at SEGA, Koei Tecmo, and as the former Art Director of FZD School of Entertainment Design.

DURATION : 36 Hrs across 6 weeks | Part-Time | Sat

STUDENT-TO-LECTURER RATIO: 18 Students : 1 Lecturer

MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION AND ASSESSMENT: Lectures, Practical (Hands-on Application) and Project-based Assessment

COURSE CODE : TGS-2021005685


SOFTWARE TAUGHT :  Adobe Photoshop

HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS : Windows/Mac Laptop no older than 2017

AWARD : Statement of Attainment and Certificate of Completion



Kingston Chan is a Concept Development Artist, Art Director, and Educator with over two decades of experience in games, movies, animation, and art production design. Kingston commenced his role as an educator in 2005 when he was invited to develop curriculums for game art, conceptual design, and digital painting at top schools in the field, eventually serving as Senior Art Director at FZD School of Design for the past 14 years. Previously, Kingston has worked extensively in Japan as a Game Artist at SEGA Co. and Koei Tecmo. Upon returning to Singapore, he was appointed as Art Lead at several local game companies to set up next gen 3D pipelines. Kingston believes in the importance of learning art fundamentals and design problem solving, especially in our world of everchanging technology. His broad industry expertise combined with a persistent curiosity in new technologies and work processes shows his dedication in advancing our next generation of artists and designers.

Kingston Chan

Head of Art Department | Program Director

Damien Soh is a visual artist based in Singapore, specializing in digital illustration. His versatile skill set also extends to freelance work for multinational corporations like Unilever, encompassing roles in visual development and art direction. Having worked as the lead illustrator for the short animation “Pagoda of Peril” for Universal Studios Singapore in 2018, Damien recently made his solo exhibition debut with "The Banquet" at Art Outreach Singapore, hosted at Gilman Barracks.

Damien Soh


  • Concept Art Production Flow Ideation Methods.
  • Importance of Keyplates and Backstory in the Concept Art Process.
  • Create Thumbnails and rough sketches.
  • Anatomy of the Concept Character in Orthographic and Perspective Views.
  • Create expressions for the character.
  • Final Character Design based on the keyplate.
  • Importance of cross-department workflow between concept and 3D artists.
  • Render the final character concept – Colors, lights, and shadows.
  • Demonstrate a critical understanding of the key issues relating to concept art practice.
  • Develop ideas for a new character’s features and profile.
  • Demonstrate artistry, conceptualization, and processes including thumbnail sketches and comps.
  • Demonstrate composition and orthographic drawing skills based on the creative brief.
  • Apply aesthetic and conceptual understanding of concept art in the evaluation of one’s own work and the work of others.
  • Design a character concept that effectively communicates the narrative.
  • Explain the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration in the concept art development process.
  • Demonstrate the ability to render expressive characters through various styles and techniques.




  • Age – 18 years and Above
  • Minimum Education Level – N Level
  • Language – English (Written & Spoken)


(incl 9% GST)

Full Course Fees: SGD 2,398

Singaporean 21 – 39 Yrs or PR: SGD 1,298

Singaporeans > 40Yrs: SGD 858

SME Company-Sponsored: SGD 858


Who is this course for?

All those with a passion in the arts, with some or little background in painting/illustration/sketching are welcome to apply. This course is beginner-friendly and is beneficial for both, traditional artists and digital artists looking to enhance their art. The course will bring up a fundamental understanding of designing a character keeping the fundamentals of Concept Art in mind.

Do I need to know any digital software for this courses?

Knowledge and background of Adobe Photoshop is an advantage, as it will be the default software used throughout. For those with no experience in Photoshop, please contact us.

What is the admission process and payment options are available?

Once we receive your contact information our course advisor will guide you through the admissions process and the grants that are available.

We accept payments by check, bank transfer, credit/debit card and PayPal.

For more information, please contact us directly using the form below.


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