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Environment Art by Concept Art Program Director

Entertainment Design

12 Month Full-Time | Diploma

Establish a career in Concept Art Design while learning the key fundamental skills from Industry leading professionals

In-person Learning

Concept Art Diploma

MAGES Institute is dedicated to offering the best education in the field of Concept Art. Our goal is to provide a complete education to all aspiring artists, concept designers, art directors and many more regardless of background. At MAGES Concept Art School Our aim is to teach the fundamentals of the environment and character design while providing real world experience wherever required through studio-based projects.

Students will gain valuable experience at the Digital Art School working alongside professionals in the field entertainment industry. By the end of the programme, students will have a portfolio of completed works that showcase their skill sets and are ready to step into the world of Digital Art.

Concept Art Programme Overview

MAGES Institute offers art programmes designed to help you get into the entertainment industry with years of experience. You’ll learn concept art fundamentals, digital painting, character design, environment design, prop design. By the end of the programme, you’ll have a portfolio full of great pieces and a network of contacts ready to help you launch your career paths.


The most renowned Concept Artists in today’s entertainment industry are not only highly skilled visual artists but more importantly, creative problem solvers and critical thinkers.


Students from our Diploma in Entertainment Design Program are cultivated in the core fundamentals of both art and design along with the technical execution needed to bring ideas to reality. Program will cover design thinking and research processes, advanced drawing and painting techniques, industry 3D workflow, as well as effective client presentation abilities. Optimised foundational education through our focused 12-month pipeline will ensure students graduate with a vast array of professional skills and industry ready portfolio.


Potential career paths include Character and Environment Concept Artists, Creature and Prop/Vehicle Designers, Theme Park and Toy Designers, and Game Illustrators.

DURATION: 12 Months (Full-Time) or 17 Months (Part-Time, subject to batch confirmation)

International Students are only offered Full-Time program.

STUDENT-TO-LECTURER RATIO: 18 Students : 1 Lecturer

MODE OF DELIVERY: Classroom or eLearning. Learners are not allowed to switch Modes after program commencement. Please click here to learn more

NOTE: A Pass in all Modules within the maximum study period is required for Graduation.

SOFTWARES TAUGHT: Blender | Photoshop | PureRef | Bridge (from Quixel)

HARDWARE REQUIREMENT: Hardware – Windows Laptop Minimum of i7 Processor, 16GB RAM (32 GB Recommended), RTX 20/30 series GPU, SSD, WiFi, Drawing Tablet (Wacom One recommended)

MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION AND ASSESSMENT: Lectures & Practical (Hands-on Application), Project-based Assessment for all modules

AWARD: Diploma in Entertainment Design


Develop fundamental, design thinking and presentation skills that transform students into elite designers.
Concept Art Course Term 1 - Fundamentals - Line art, perspective, shapes


Build up fundamental art skills in design sketching, perspective, digital painting, and the ability to draw objects in 3D space. Gain a better understanding of how art values can support the design process within the concept art industry.


  • Perspective
  • Design Sketching
  • Forms and Materials
  • Visual Communication
Concept Art Course Term 2 - Skills - 3D, Props, Environments


Expand your visual library and generate new ideas based on real-world research of history, culture, nature, and design function. Develop a consistent & efficient workflow to keep up with industry expectations.


  • Environment Composition
  • Design Process
  • Visual Development
Concept Art Course Term 3 - Portfolio Development and Marketing


Apply what you have learnt & graduate with an industry-ready portfolio. Learn to manage workload, receive feedback, and present designs with confidence. Utilize latest art technologies & develop individual creative processes to become future-ready.


  • Entertainment Design
  • Production Design


Kingston Chan is a Concept Development Artist, Art Director, and Educator with over two decades of experience in games, movies, animation, and art production design. Kingston commenced his role as an educator in 2005 when he was invited to develop curriculums for game art, conceptual design, and digital painting at top schools in the field, eventually serving as Senior Art Director at FZD School of Design for the past 14 years. Previously, Kingston has worked extensively in Japan as a Game Artist at SEGA Co. and Koei Tecmo. Upon returning to Singapore, he was appointed as Art Lead at several local game companies to set up next gen 3D pipelines. Kingston believes in the importance of learning art fundamentals and design problem solving, especially in our world of everchanging technology. His broad industry expertise combined with a persistent curiosity in new technologies and work processes shows his dedication in advancing our next generation of artists and designers.

Kingston Chan

Head of Art Department | Program Director

Eduardo is a Production Designer, Art Director, and Educator. He has an impressive track record in the entertainment industry, making notable contributions to renowned production companies such as Weta Workshop, LUCASFILM, Blur Studio, Triggerfish Animation, and many more. Having worked on blockbuster titles such as the Hobbit Trilogy, Deadpool 2, and Ready Player One, he was invited as a TEDx Speaker in 2018 to share his passion for entertainment design and worldbuilding. In addition to his accomplishments, Eduardo has actively collaborated on projects related to design sustainability and education; he has previously served as an Art Director at FZD School of Design and has taught concept art courses at various other institutions.

Eduardo Pena

Mentor | Art Director | Concept Artist

Tonia is a Concept Artist and Educator. With a background in Architecture, she started out in Sydney working as a Scenic Artist and Set Designer for AFTRS, as well as an Architectural Designer at Practec Group. She moved to Singapore to pursue Concept Art and graduated from the FZD School of Design. With a passion for environment design and worldbuilding, she currently works as a concept artist and lecturer at MAGES Institute.

Tonia Yau

Lecturer | Concept Artist

Damien Soh is a visual artist based in Singapore, specializing in digital illustration. His versatile skill set also extends to freelance work for multinational corporations like Unilever, encompassing roles in visual development and art direction. Having worked as the lead illustrator for the short animation “Pagoda of Peril” for Universal Studios Singapore in 2018, Damien recently made his solo exhibition debut with "The Banquet" at Art Outreach Singapore, hosted at Gilman Barracks.

Damien Soh



Environment Art by Concept art Student - Yifei Li
Arrow Right

Yifei Li

Concept Artist

MAGES Institute has professional lecturers who work in the entertainment industry in studios like Ubisoft and on famous AAA games. I came here because I wanted to learn from the best.

Diploma in Entertainment Design, 2021

Student of Diploma in Entertainment Design - Yifei Li
Environment Art by Concept Art Course Student - Chia Zi Qing
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Chia Zi Qing

Concept Artist / Illustrator

Learning from professionals is very interesting and enriching. As you hear the different kinds of experiences they have, you can better prepare yourself to know what to expect from the industry.

Diploma in Entertainment Design, 2021

Concept Art Student Testimonial - Chia Zi Qing
Environment Art created by Concept Art Program Student - Abraham Richards
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Abraham Richards

Concept artist

What caught my eye with MAGES is the chance to be taught by industry professionals and learn from them directly. Learning from professionals is excellent; you get great feedback and insight into the industry’s workings.

Diploma in Entertainment Design, 2021

Concept Art Student Testimonial - Abraham Richards

Conceptual ink

Visit Channel

Check out the series of concept art fundamentals videos available online for free. The videos' purpose is to simplifying simplift complicated art subjects into bite sized information. You will be introduced to comprehensive checklists that are easy to follow. CIA Channel by Kingston and Tonia




23 Sept 2024 to 20 Sept 2025



Academic: 2 Credit Passes at GCE ‘O’ Level (excl English) or equivalent, or Foundation Certificate in Art and Technology or Certificate in Art or Animation related course/program in MAGES.

English: IELTS 5.5 or Pass in English GCE ‘O’ Levels or equivalent

Age: 16 Years Old or above

(Mature Candidates above 30 years old require 8 years of working experience)

Please click on ‘Read More’ for more information


(*Incl of 9% GST)

International Students
SGD 29,743.92

Singapore Citizens & PRs

SGD 23,421.92


Is Concept Art really that prevalent? I will be able to work for any industry?

Concept Art is needed at the start of every large-scale project, ranging from games and movies to even real estate and theme parks. Concept Artists work closely with clients to understand the requirement of the project and bring it to life in a visual form. Concept Art affects every single aspect of the production pipeline from then on and is vital for all creative processes.

What if I don't have a portfolio? Can I still Apply?

We strive to ensure that our program match our students’ expectations and skill levels. All are welcome to apply, those with prior background/knowledge/experience in the digital arts or traditional art (sketching, illustrations, painting, etc) have an advantage.

Our Diploma Program are rigorous, as we push our students to do their best. As such, candidates without prior experience in art (traditional or digital) are recommended to pursue our Foundation Certificate Program (specifically designed as a pre-cursor to our Diploma) or our Short Courses after clearing an interview with our Academic Director.

How can I pay for the Program ?

We offer convenient payment options, including checks, bank transfers, credit/debit cards, and PayPal. For detailed information, kindly reach out to us directly using the Enquiry form below.

What are the hardware requirements for this Program? Will I have to purchase it myself?

The Entertainment Design Diploma program will require a Windows Laptop Minimum of i7 Processor, 16GB RAM (32 GB Recommended), RTX 20/30 series GPU, SSD, WiFi, and Drawing Tablet (Wacom One recommended).

Throughout the Program, students will learn to operate and become adept at Blender, Photoshop, Pureref, Quixel Bridge, and more (subject to change as per Industry requirements, tbc).


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