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Advanced Diploma in Game Design and Technology

With the Advanced Diploma in Game Design and Technology Program, Students can become the Game Creators of the Future, having built a solid foundation of technical, social and analytical competencies necessary in Game Development.

The Program covers all major technical aspects of the Game Development Process (from development, to marketing and finally publishing the finished product). Students would graduate with a strong understanding of game technologies (Advanced Programming using C++, Multiplayer Programming), Game marketing process, considering critical business elements such as Game Monetisation, and culminate their learning by working on multidisciplinary game projects that simulates a real Game Industry Environment.

MAGES Institute has won multiple Rookies awards (Top 50 Creative Media & Entertainment Schools and Colleges in the World 2020), and has enabled award-winning projects such as Project H.O.R.D.E (Mobile Game of the Year, 2018), and Darkest Deliverance (Finalist, 2020). Our Faculty has a wide reaching experience in Game Technology from developing Proprietary Game Engines, to shipping complete games.

Duration :11 Months Full-Time (3hrs per Day, 5 Days per Week) ; 15 Months Part-Time (3hrs per Day, 3 Days per Week) ; International Students can only opt for Full-Time Classes

Student-to-Lecturer Ratio :18 Students : 1 Lecturer

Medium of Instruction :Lectures & Practical (Hands on Application)

Assessment :Project Based for All Modules

Software Taught :Unity, Unity 3D, C++, C# (C Sharp), Unreal Engine, SQLite, PostgreSQL,, UML Tools, Visio

Note :A Pass in all Modules within the maximum study period is required for Graduation.


Term 1 Programming & Designing

In the first term, students will learn basic knowledge necessary to create game levels, Unreal Blueprint Setup and Blueprint Authoring in C++, Memory Management, including Game Monetisation.

Term 1 : Programming & Designing

Having in-depth knowledge of developing necessary skills and knowledge in designing and creating game levels. In the first term of the 1-year program, students will learn industry-standard game engine Unreal Engine and utilize skills in creating a fully functional game.

The program will cover the following modules:

  • Level Designing in Games
  • Intermediate Game Programming
Term 2 Monetization

In this term, students will learn Game Database management, implementing 3rd Party systems in Games, Game Marketing and IP management.

Term 2 : Monetization

Once the building blocks are in place, it’s time for students to refine their skills in the second term. The industry experts at MAGES Institute deepen each participant’s knowledge of game design with hands-on exercises and assignments to prepare them for the real world. Students will feel confident and capable in all aspects of game design, including documentation, graphics and sound editing, as well as storyboard and character drawing.

The program will cover the following modules:

  • Game Monetization Design and Strategy
  • Game Database
  • Microtransactions in Games
  • Game Marketing and Intellectual Property

In this term, Students will learn to develop a Multiplayer Game in a simulated environment, and a project which will teach students to function as a productive member in a game development team to create and ship a game.

Term 3 : Production

The third and final term of the 1-year program will focus on thoroughly preparing students to navigate their careers as independent game techs. Students will assemble all of their hard work into multiplayer game production and the end-of-term milestone is a professionally developed playable game as a portfolio asset.

The program will cover the following modules:

  • Multiplayer in Games
  • Game Production


John David B. Uy
Huang Ruiliang Dominic
Jiang Anxiong, Jeffrey
Chan Haoran, Luther
Kelly Bender
Thomas O’Dell
Rajesh Chakravarthy
Nanda Ye Aung



What I like about MAGES is that they have a small Student-Lecturer ratio, it allows the lecturers to get to know us and where we lack as developers, plus the lecturers are working in the industry so what they are teaching us is up-to-date as well.


The main reason for choosing MAGES was people's love for gaming increased when they joined MAGES. I wanted to do something that is both creative and programming (not just one side like coding).


Entry requirements

Academic : MAGES Diploma in Game Art / Game Design / Game Design and Technology, or, Diploma in Game Design / Game Design and Development / Multimedia / IT / Computer Science from other institutions

English : IELTS 5.5 or Pass in English GCE ‘O’ Levels or equivalent

Age : 17 Years Old or above

(Mature Candidates above 30 years old require 8 years of working experience)

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Course Fees

(Incl 8% GST*)

International Students SGD 19,967.04 Singapore Citizens & PRs SGD 17,537.04



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