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MAGES CHANGES Graduation Show 2024

By Tonia Yau

Graduation Week is when MAGES ART fervently buzzes with activity as lecturers issue their closing critiques, students add final touches on their projects, and staff members engage in event organisation for the Grad Show evening. The exhibition presents the works of our graduating students from the Diploma of Entertainment Design and Diploma of Game Art programmes. Featuring a range of design creativity and technical prowess including large scale cinematic paintings, refined production art, 3D modelled environment with hand painted textures, as well as a brilliant showcase of Zbrush sculpted characters.

The Class of 2024 entered the programme with different backgrounds and skill levels. Throughout their one year Diploma, they have worked to challenge and expand their abilities through informed research practice, drilling of core fundamentals, and experimentation in the industry’s latest technological workflows, made possible with the guidance from our new MAGES ART team of industry professional lecturers and mentors.

Our Grad Show offers students, educators, parents, and the wider public a unique opportunity to experience the results achieved by these young artists.
A big congratulations to our graduating batch of 24′!


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