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This program is designed for individuals with a Bachelor’s degree or Diploma with relevant industry experience. The program focuses on strengthening and upgrading game design skills. It enables the learner to excel in Game Design by strengthening their basics in creating and publishing games. It covers comprehensive skills in multimedia, software and project management required in the gaming industry. Thorough programming and latest software knowledge enables students to create industry standard games keeping in mind the commercial and professional aspects of games.

Duration :9 Months Full-Time (5hrs per Day, 5 Days per Week); Part-Time (3hrs per Day, 3 Days per Week); International Students can only opt for Full-Time Programmes.

Student-to-Lecturer Ratio :12 Students : 1 Lecturer

Medium of Instruction :Lectures & Practical (Hands on Application)

Assessment :Assignments and Projects for each Module

Software Taught :Unity, Unity 3D, C++, C# (C Sharp), Unreal Engine, SQLite, PostgreSQL,, UML Tools, Visio

Note :A Pass in all Modules within the maximum study period is required for Graduation.


Term 1 Documentation & Editing

In the first term, students will learn basic Game Design and Documentation, Graphics and Sound Editing modules, and Storyboarding and Character Drawing.

Term 1 : Documentation & Editing

In this term, students will learn to understand the development team that is required and their responsibilities.  They will engage with graphic editing tools will be used to learn editing, 2D animation creation concepts, game sprites, and theories and concepts of audio files. Profound knowledge in conceptualizing and strategizing will get students started on the right foot to ensure success later on.

The program will cover the following modules:

  • Game Design & Documentation
  • Graphics & Sound Editing

In the second term, students will learn 3D Character Design & Animation, and to start development of their 3D game using a Game Engine and C# Programming.

Term 2 : Skills

This term provides training on digital drawing tools and story and concept development for games, principles and practices of character design and development. Students will also explore the development of the different types of games genres. The correct characteristics for the different game genres will be emphasized. Emphasis will be on the sequencing of game play logic such as the condition, events and actions required in a game.

The program will cover the following modules:

  • Storyboard & Character Drawing
  • 3D Character Design & Animation
  • C# Programming & 3D Game Development

In the final term, students will apply what they have learnt thus far, to work on developing a mobile game, a multiplayer game, and as part of their Final Year project, develop a game from the ground up in a team.

Term 3 : Production

The third and final term of the 1-year program will focus on the issues and concerns that are related to online games development. The focus will be given to design considerations for mobile games that are important in wireless transmission. Students will assemble all of their hard work into production that they can use immediately upon completing the program, giving them not only the deep understanding and confidence within the field but actual games to show for it.

The program will cover the following modules:

  • Mobile Games Development
  • Multiplayer Games Development
  • Final Year Project


Rajesh Chakravarthy
Nanda Ye Aung
Huang Ruiliang Dominic
Thomas O’Dell
Mohd Zaki Bin Ragman
Jiang Anxiong, Jeffrey



What I like about MAGES is that they have a small Student-Lecturer ratio, it allows the lecturers to get to know us and where we lack as developers, plus the lecturers are working in the industry so what they are teaching us is up-to-date as well.


The main reason for choosing MAGES was people's love for gaming increased when they joined MAGES. I wanted to do something that is both creative and programming (not just one side like coding).



13th Sept 2021
12th Sept 2022
15th Nov 2021
14th Nov 2022

Entry requirements

Applicants must be above 19 years of age, obtained a Bachelor’s Degree from a recognized University, or a Diploma from a recognized higher institution of learning with at least 2 years of relevant experience. (English Proficiency – minimum of C6 in GCE ‘O’ Level, or IELTS 5.5).

Courses fess

(Incl 7% GST)

International Students SGD 15,675.50 Singapore Citizens & PRs SGD 14,819.50


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