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Visual Storytelling for Designers

36 HRs Part-Time | 6 Weeks

Begin your Motion Graphics learning journey in Adobe After Effects in just 6 weeks!

Ideal for Beginners

Grants Available for SG/PR*

Overview of Motion Design Tutorials

MAGES Institute offers Motion Design Tutorial lessons in the form of Short Courses (Visual Storytelling for Designers), one of the best After Effects Courses in Singapore. The Course is designed for beginners and is taught using Adobe After Effects. In the After Effects Class, Students would learn how to develop the look of the motion graphic, the creative process behind, creating a technical document (The Design Process Document), and also learn to apply these skills via a Motion Design Pipeline for Broadcast Media. The Motion Design Classes also teach students basics/fundamentals of colour & emotion, and how to navigate Intellectual Property (from the ownership and infringement angle). Students graduating from this After Effects Class will be able to take on full motion graphic production work. The Course will take beginners, teach them the fundamental skills and technical know-how to a point where they can kickstart their career in Motion Graphic Design.

Overview of After Effect Course

MAGES Institute offers an After Effects Course beginners who would seek to upskill themselves in Motion Graphic Design. Across 6 weeks, the After Effects Class will teach students the technicalities of Motion Graphic Design and leave them as confident entrants in the field. Students will be able to create their own ideas and concepts using creative thinking models; discuss and improve upon the ideas in group discussions and team ideation sessions; inform their own opinion on any Intellectual Property issues and be able to protect their own IP Rights; and be able to develop comprehensive production plans from conception to conversion using the combined knowledge of design, typography, sound, space, timing and animation. The Visual Storytelling for Designers After Effects Course is designed for beginners to Motion Graphic Design to develop and refine their craft of visual storytelling.


Our 6-week course is designed to help you master the craft of visual design and motion graphics for storytelling leveraging Generative AI. You will learn how to compose and articulate conceptual solutions and integrate the use of design, typography, sound, space, timing, and animation within motion pieces using Adobe After Effects.


Our Industry experienced instructors will guide you through the creative process from development, idea generation, to full production covering IP navigation as well. By the end of the course, you will be able to compose and articulate conceptual solutions using creative thinking models and principles.

DURATION: 36 HRs Part-Time | 6 Weeks | Mon & Wed

STUDENT-TO-LECTURER RATIO: 18 Students : 1 Lecturer

MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION AND ASSESSMENT: Lectures, Practical (Hands-on Application) and Project-based Assessment


SOFTWARE TAUGHT:  Adobe After Effects

HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: Windows/Mac Laptop no older than 2017

AWARD: Statement of Attainment and Certificate of Completion

COURSE CODE: TGS-2020513140

NOTE: Customisation Available for Corporate Clients


With over 15 years of experience in the Creative & Media industry (and 10 years experience as a trainer), Noraswan brings with him an excellent and up-to-date portfolio of commercial design work. He prioritises an inspiring and innovative learning environment with a result-focused approach by maximising productivity, coordination, and time management. This allows him to fulfil a critical role in keeping students abreast of industry standards and expectations.

Noraswan bin Mohamed


  • Idea to concept
  • Concept to Design
  • IP Validation
  • Design to Visual Story
  • Compose and articulate conceptual solutions using creative thinking models and principles.
  • Analyze and design concepts by linking various ideas generated during team ideation, combining interdisciplinary skills discovered and providing constructive feedback in a cohesive learning environment.
  • Judge the Intellectual Property (IP) stance on a variety of IP issues in the industry and articulate how to protect your IP rights using your knowledge of IP Law and Application.
  • Develop comprehensive production plans using the creative processes to convert your ideas into final motion pieces integrating the use of design, typography, sound, space, timing, and animation.




  • Age – 18 years and Above
  • Minimum Education Level – N Level
  • Language – English (Written & Spoken)


(incl 9% GST)

Full Course Fees: SGD 1,962

Singaporean 21 – 39 Yrs or PR: SGD 1,062

Singaporeans > 40Yrs: SGD 702

SME Company-Sponsored: SGD 702


Who is this course for?

Those looking to enter the field of motion graphics using the world standard software – Adobe After Effects – are ideal candidates for this course.

Do I need to know any digital software for this courses?

This program is designed for beginners in mind, prior knowledge of After Effects is not required.

What is the admission process and payment options are available?

Once we receive your contact information the course advisor will guide you through the admissions process and the grants that are available for you.

We accept payments by check, bank transfer, credit/debit card and PayPal.

For more information, please contact us directly using the form below.


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