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A screenshot from a 2D game made by a MAGES Student, featuring 2D sprites for the characters, and 2D UI elements such as icons for items.


49Hrs Part-Time | 6 Weeks

Understand the business elements of pitching, marketing, and publishing a game

Grants available for SG/PR*


Learn how to manage game business

You need a deep understanding of the current marketplace for video games for a successful career in the video games industry. This course will teach you how to manage game business and will cover other topics of legal issues as well. Business management games will also be taught to nurture the communication skills, business management skills. This 49 hour course by MAGES Institute of excellence will also focus on crowdfunding and steps to launch a crowdfunding offering. Students will also learn how to lead discussions that arise during funding negotiations.


Dive into the dynamic world of gaming with our 6-week Game Business Management course. Designed to expose you to the business world of gaming, we cover all bases, from the intricacies of game development to the essentials of starting your own gaming venture.


Uncover the current business models of successful and popular games and understand the business and economic aspects of game development. Mentored by Industry Professionals, learn how to create a successful business model, acquire funding, and more.

DURATION: 49 Hrs across 6 weeks | Part-Time

STUDENT-TO-LECTURER RATIO: 18 Students : 1 Lecturer

MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION AND ASSESSMENT: Lectures, Practical (Hands-on Application) and Project-based Assessment

COURSE CODE: TGS-2020504530

SOFTWARES TAUGHT: Google Docs/Slides | Powerpoint

HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: Windows/Mac Laptop no older than 2017


AWARD: WSQ Statement of Attainment (WSQ E-Certificate)






With over 25 years of working experience, in companies such as ICONIX International and Delcan Corporation in Toronto, Canada. Thomas has played a key role in developing the Automatic Fare Collection System for the Taiwan High Speed Rail in Taipei. His significant experience in the IT industry enriches both his industrial training and his academic teaching. He has teaching experience in subjects like Games Programming at various Singaporean institutions.

Thomas O’Dell

Adjunct Lecturer

Dominic is a veteran game designer with more than 15 years of experience under his belt. He has worked with international studios and appeared in national tabloids for his design exploits. He also launched the first-ever successful tabletop gaming Kickstarter in the country and is still active today with a pipeline of multiple projects.

Huang Ruiliang Dominic

Adjunct Lecturer | Game Designer

  • Market for Video Games
  • Games as Products and Services
  • Understanding Your Business
  • Finding The Right Investor
  • Creating the Business Case
  • Creating a Business plan
  • Funding Your Game – Creating Your Financial Plan
  • Approach and Prepare for Negotiation
  • Closing the Financial Deal
  • Crowdfunding is the New Gatekeeper
  • Crowdfunding Lessons (Kickstarter Example)
  • Game Development Investment Proposal Review
  • Identify the possible source of funding including various types of private equity, angel investors, and non-traditional sources.
  • Assess the suitability of different funding options for a given business.
  • Create a business plan that includes the key elements like company description, market analysis, platform, monetization potential, audience, etc. required to bring the business to market.
  • Select and justify a funding source that is appropriate for the business case.
  • Understand how to lead discussions that arise during funding negotiations.
  • Understand crowd-funding arrangements.
  • Identify and describe the opportunities and key financial risks.
  • Review and provide feedback on game business investment proposals.




  • Age: 18 years old and above
  • Recommended for current Game Developer
  • Open to both Singaporean & International Students (Including PR, Student Pass, Work Permit, S Pass & E Pass)


(incl 9% GST)

Full Program Fees : SGD 2,616

Singaporeans 21 – 39 Yrs or PRs : SGD 1,416

Singaporeans 40Yrs or Above : SGD 936

SME Sponsored Singaporeans & PR : SGD 936


Who can apply for this course?

The program is ideal for those looking for a challenging and rewarding career in the interactive entertainment industry. The Video Games industry is largely driven by passion, all gamers and problem-solvers are welcome to apply.

Do I need to know coding for this course?

Since this program is for the beginners, coding is not mandatory. Coding is required for our Advance programs.

How many games will I produce?

Producing games will be part of your curriculum with appropriate guidance and lecturer/mentors support you need to produce games accordingly. You will be required to produce at least 5 games during this program.

You can publish these games on the respective platforms such as, steam, and play store.

What are the job roles can I apply for post completion of the programme

After successful completion of the program one can apply for various job role in the Gaming Industry such as: Game Programmer Game AI Engineer Network Engineer Game Tools Programmer UI Programmer


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