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36Hrs Part-Time | 6 Weeks

Learn the fundamentals of using Unreal Engine and discover its possibilities in Game Development and Real-Time 3D Rendering

Grants available for SG/PR*

About MAGES Unreal Engine Course

Unreal engine is the most open and advanced real-time 3D creation tool for photorealistic visuals. The Unreal Engine Course will cover the technical and conceptual understanding of the field of Game Design along with exposure to the Game Production Process. Students will explore the various stages in production, product methodologies from a technical point of view. Understanding of geometry, rendering his, audio and sound is really important in Game Engines and this 36 hour course will teach you all this. You’ll also get a Game Technical Design certificate at the end of the course.


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MAGES Institute is an Unreal Engine Authorised Training Centre and has trained and mentored many successful Unreal developers. With Unreal, you will gain an exposure to real-time 3D production, game development, AR/VR development and much more.

DURATION: 36 Hrs across 6 weeks | Part-Time | Wed & Sat

STUDENT-TO-LECTURER RATIO: 18 Students : 1 Lecturer


MEDIUM OF INSTRUCTION AND ASSESSMENT: Lectures, Practical (Hands-on Application) and Project-based Assessment


COURSE CODE: TGS-2020504575


HARDWARE REQUIREMENTS: Windows/Mac Laptop no older than 2017

AWARD: Statement of Attainment and Certificate of Completion



Rajesh Chakravarthy has worked in digital art and design for the past 18 years (stationed as an educator within various creative media and tech schools for 9 of those years) and is a veteran AR/VR developer and an Unreal Engine Authorised Instructor.  His leadership has led many students to successful careers within prominent companies around the globe. Rajesh’s research and hard work has made great strides in Augmented and Virtual Reality, as he intersects design, technology, and business through his many ventures in prototyping and education.

Rajesh Chakravarthy

Academic Director | Unreal Engine Authorised Instructor

Nanda has a remarkable experience in the IT industry and the education industry specially in the field of 3D Graphic Animation, Game Programming and Game Development & Design. Nanda is a Unity Certified Developer and also an Unreal Engine Authorised Instructor, in addition to having certification from Microsoft and Oracle. Nanda has working experience in United States, India and Singapore. With his excellent communication and interpersonal skills, he proves to be a truly commendable and valuable lecturer for MAGES.

Nanda Ye Aung

Lecturer | Unreal Engine Authorised Trainer

With over 25 years of working experience, in companies such as ICONIX International and Delcan Corporation in Toronto, Canada. Thomas has played a key role in developing the Automatic Fare Collection System for the Taiwan High Speed Rail in Taipei. His significant experience in the IT industry enriches both his industrial training and his academic teaching. He has teaching experience in subjects like Games Programming at various Singaporean institutions.

Thomas O’Dell

Adjunct Lecturer

MAGES Studio builds life affirming solutions using emerging technologies. Leveraging AR, VR and Applies Games, they have utilised research backed learning pedagogies to build more than 60 solutions across 9 industries.

We’re proud to share that this studio was founded by a team of our alumni.

  • Game Production Process
  • Roles on the Team
  • The Design Document
  • Game Requirements
  • Project Management Methods
  • Understanding Your Business
  • Localization
  • Requirements Gathering
  • Creating the Technical Design Document – I
  • Creating the Technical Design Document – II
Learning Outcomes
  • Analyse global technology trends and their implications for the gaming industry.
  • Describe the key roles and dependencies of game production team members.
  • Describe the wide variety of tools and techniques used to develop games.
  • Compare and contrast critical stages in the game production process for pc, console, and mobile games based on a game concept.
  • Discuss methods of dealing with common but solvable challenges and challenging situations in the production process.
  • Explore different online tools that can be incorporated when designing a game.
  • Write design documents to communicate and formalize technical requirements and select the right project management methodology.
  • Identify and define data-oriented problems and data-driven decisions when designing games.
  • Describe the main tools and workflows used in the localization game industry.


14th August 2024


  • Age: 18 years old and above
  • Work Experience (No. of Years) – N.A.
  • Language (Spoken & Written) – English


(Incl 9% GST)

Full Program Fees: SGD 2,354.40 

Singaporeans 21 – 39Yrs or PRs: SGD 1,274.40

Singaporeans 40Yrs or Above: SGD 842.40

SME Sponsored Singaporeans & PR: SGD 842.40


Do I need to know how to code for these courses?

No, it’s not mandatory for you to know how to code for this programme.

What is the admission process and payment options are available?

Once we receive your contact information the course consultant will contact you he/she will guide you through the admissions process and the grants that are available for you.

We accept payments by check, bank transfer, credit/debit card and PayPal.

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