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About Virtual Reality School

MAGES Institute is a leading Virtual Reality School in Singapore, conducting Professional Certification courses under IMDA’s Tech Immersion Placement Program and Short Courses for both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. MAGES’ Virtual Reality Course teaches the basics of Virtual Reality using Unity Engine (with C# Programming) or Unreal Engine (with C++ Programming), and creating an experience to deliver or convey the desired message/emotion and solve a real-world problem. Students are able to differentiate between benefits and shortcomings of available VR platforms, and identify the building blocks of any VR Experience. With premier AR/VR Training at MAGES, students will be able to design their own virtual interactive environment that effectively communicates a scenario or a narrative aspect. Students will also learn to balance the technicalities of the chosen platform such as graphical fidelity, interactivity and user experience using 6 Degrees of Freedom while developing their narrative experience.

Overview Augmented Reality Institute

MAGES Institute is a premier Augmented Reality Institute in Singapore conducting Professional Certification MR Course (called XR Immersive) under IMDA’s Tech Immersion Placement Program along with AR Course and VR Classes. MAGES AR Course covers the basics of Augmented Reality using Unity Engine and C# Programming for scripting, including creating and setting up markers in an immersive environment, and implementing it in a functional AR application designed to solve a real-world problem. Students would utilise technical knowledge such as interface wireframes, markers and placements, and combine them with the principles of design and interaction to create a functioning Augmented Reality application. The Application would also take into account immersion techniques such as sound and appropriate quality visuals, while balancing the technical needs with hardware limitations applicable today. This foundational knowledge of Augmented Reality will allow students to understand the constituents of an AR experience and effectively develop their own AR App.

Augmented Mixed Reality and Extended Reality concepts

Diploma in XR Immersive

As AR, VR and XR are set to dominate the interactive technology market, A technology-focused programming-centric course for the most in-demand industry, the Diploma in XR Immersive is a 12-month intensive program administered by Unity Certified and Unreal Authorised Trainers with vast industry experience.

Students will gain in-depth knowledge of the two most popular game engines (Unity and Unreal Game Engine) and leave as masters of AR/VR/XR Development with an impressive portfolio. In the final module, students will demonstrate their prowess by way of Capstone Project which will aim to solve a real-world business problem.

Duration :12 Months (Full-Time/Part-Time)

Student-to-Lecturer Ratio:15 Students : 1 Lecturer

Medium of Instruction / Mode of Assessment:Lectures & Practical (Hands on Application), Project Based Assessment for All Modules

Award :Diploma in XR Immersive Program

Software Taught:Unity, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine, Photoshop, Blender, C#, Oculus, ARCore, Vuforia

Note:Oculus Quest 2 for VR and Android Phone for AR are required


Rajesh Chakravarthy
Nanda Ye Aung
Chan Haoran, Luther
Thomas O’Dell
Jiang Anxiong, Jeffrey
Mohd Zaki Bin Ragman
Schweitzer Manuel
John David B. Uy

High-End Projects

12 Months Program (Part-Time/Full-Time)


Lay a valuable foundation with he Core Tenets of Immersive Media, creating 3D Assets, and Programming

Term 1 : Building Blocks

The first Term would focus on creating virtual worlds that are more enjoyable  and functional, made possible due to optimised 3D assets and spaces that render efficiently using industry-standard Digital Content Creation Tools, leading to more compelling virtual worlds. Students will understand first-hand the platform-specific opportunities and limitations, and use the knowledge to create an enjoyable and functioning Environment

The program will cover the following modules:

  • Immersive Media
  • Real-Time 3D Fundamentals
  • Interactive Environments
  • Programming Fundamentals

Building skills and technical proficiency in designing and developing for AR and VR with a focus on User Experience

Term 2 : Skills & Proficiency

Put Fundamentals into practice by designing AR and VR Apps. Learn first-hand the interactivity challenges and solutions through practical application, and channel the knowledge into developing an XR app for an Enterprise Solution.

The term will cover the following modules :

  • Augmented Reality Design and Development
  • UI/UX for XR
  • Virtual Reality Design and Development
  • XR Development for Enterprises

Combining everything you've learnt, Execute an XR application to solve a real-world problem faced by an enterprise

Term 3 : Project

In their third term, students execute an XR application for a genuine enterprise to use as part of their portfolio. Students will also participate in a research-based studio practice that uses skills and knowledge gained throughout the course and presents a polished Capstone project for prospective employers in the field.

The term will cover the following modules :

  • Capstone Project



19th June 2023

Entry requirements

Age : 18 years old or above,

3 GCE ‘O’ Levels incl Minimum of C6 Grade in English

(*Incl 8% GST)
International Students SGD 18,887.04 Singapore Citizens & PRs SGD 16,457.04



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