Developing VR Experiences

This course aims to satisfy the industry needs of skilled workforce in the areas Virtual Reality Development for the following sectors: Games, Automobile Industry, Healthcare, Retail, Tourism, Real Estate, Architecture, Education(Training and Development), Art and Design, Marketing, News and Journalism, Media.

In this course learners understand the foundational knowledge of Immersive Technologies, focusing on Virtual Reality(VR) and identify its benefits for real-world applications. Concepts from the contributing field of interaction design will be also introduced in the context of virtual reality. By the end of the course, Learner would have developed a working prototype of an Immersive VR Application based on a Concept.

Duration:36Hrs Across 6 Weeks

Schedule:3Hrs Lesson Twice a Week (Customization Available)

Award:Certificate of Completion

Software Taught:Unity, C#

Grants Available:SSG, PSEA, UTAP


Rajesh Chakravarthy


Cindy Gozali

"The reason I joined this course is because there is alot of demand not just in the Game industry but also in non-game industries"

Topics Covered

  • Immersive Ecosystem
  • Concept Development for VR
  • Interaction Design for VR
  • Creating a VR World

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the foundational knowledge of Emerging Technology and identify its benefits for real-world application
  • Effectively categorise the benefits/shortcomings of available immersive technology platforms
  • Explore and deconstruct VR experiences being created by content developers
  • Apply the principles of immersive storytelling from a user’s perspective when conceptualizing the VR Experiences
  • Identify the different methods of creative storytelling.
  • Combine the principles of design with the principles of interaction to create appropriate interaction experiences
  • Develop guidelines for achieving a better user experience for VR using 6DOF (Degree of Freedom)
  • Demonstrate understanding of human-computer interaction techniques related to VR
  • Design a virtual environment that effectively communicates a simulation scenario or a narrative Design and develop an Immersive VR Experience



20th Oct 2021
1st Dec 2021
2nd Feb 2022
16th Mar 2022

Entry requirements

  • Age: 16 years old and above recommended
  • Open to all Singapore Residents (Including citizens, PR, LTVP Holders)

Courses fess

Full Programme Fees : SGD 2,728.50

PRs & Singaporeans Below 40Yrs : SGD 2,098.50

Singaporeans Above 40Yrs : SGD 628.50

SME Sponsored Singaporeans & PR : SGD 628.50

Grants Available

Self-sponsored students can use Skills Future Credit, PSEA grant, UTAP, and SEP. 75% attendance is mandatory to complete the program The student should submit and must pass the prescribed assessment (i.e. Practical Project) *For additional grant eligibility, please contact us.


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