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8 Reasons to Use Blender in 2023

Blender, the open-source 3D creation suite, is gaining popularity in fields like game development for several compelling reasons. Blender also stands out with its 2D animation capabilities, versatile modeling and sculpting tools, built-in video editing features, and its open-source nature, which fosters collaboration and innovation in the 3D creation community.

Blender 3D modelling on a laptop at Game Jam. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Whether you are an experienced 3D content creator or just starting out, Blender has all the features you might need, which also explains its rising popularity especially among game development courses. As an open-source and free-to-use creation suite, Blender offers a wide range of features for 3D modelling. This article aims to provide an overview of Blender software and the top 8 reasons to justify its popularity.

Introduction to Blender

Blender is a computer graphics software for 3D development that is accessible to the public as an open-source platform. Rather than relying on a third-party or internal team for updates, Blender’s community takes charge of software updates. This approach frequently leads to faster bug resolution, feature additions, and usability enhancements than conventional software development processes.

Now let’s shift our attention to the reasons for using Blender in 2023.

1. Suitable option for beginners

Can beginners use Blender? Yes! Blender software is an excellent choice for beginners, as it provides an all-encompassing package for 3D animation. Moreover, Blender’s versatility allows beginners to transition to more complex software with some understanding. However, it is true that Blender software has a steep learning curve, which may scare a lot of people. But if you are passionate about designs, it is so far the best software to use.

2. The Blender software employs a procedural workflow

This implies the ability to produce a 3D object and modify it while retaining the option to undo those changes without damaging the mesh of your 3D object. It may seem straightforward, but it significantly contributes to maintaining a seamless workflow.

3. Accessibility

Blender’s availability to everyone without any cost is one of its most prominent features, making it a popular choice for both hobbyists and professionals. Many other 3D modelings software, such as 3ds Max and ZBrush, require monthly subscriptions or the purchase of perpetual licenses, but Blender does not have any such constraints.

One of the main reasons behind Blender’s free availability is its license – the General Public License (GPL). This license allows users to download, modify, and use Blender for commercial purposes without any strings attached. Thus, anyone can create a 3D model, rig it for animation, texture the models, and render it for production without requiring a license. It is backed and funded by some of the largest companies in the industry, such as Google, Ubisoft, and Unreal, which ensures its continued development and support.

Blender is supported on all major operating systems such as Windows, MacOS, and Linux, which means that anyone can easily access and use it. The software is available for download from the Blender website, and users can choose from different versions based on their requirements. Once downloaded, the software provides immediate access to the entire 3D pipeline, allowing users to start creating their designs instantly.

Despite being free, Blender offers a wide range of capabilities and features that provide exceptional value to its users. One of the standout features is its Python API, which allows users to create plugins and scripts to enhance the software’s functionality. Blender’s GPL also ensures that it remains an all-in-one 3D creation program capable of performing most design applications, making it a versatile and capable application for various design needs.

4. 2D Animations



Source: https://www.blender.org/


Blender not only allows you to create fully immersive 3D scenes for animations, but it also provides a unique capability to create 2D animations as well. Blender accomplishes this through the use of a specialized tool known as the grease pencil. This tool functions as a brush that can be used to draw in both 2D and 3D space, allowing for an unprecedented level of artistic freedom.

The grease pencil tool allows artists to create lines that can be both edited and animated as required, making it a valuable asset in the creation of 2D animations within a 3D space.

5. Modeling

3D modeling is a fundamental process in computer graphics that involves progressively adding components to create geometric shapes. With Blender, users can create a wide range of objects and characters that can be used in games, animations, and even 3D printing. This is made possible by the diverse array of tools available within Blender, including the Toolbar, Face tools and Hotkeys. These tools allow for the modification of individual or multiple vertices, edges, and faces, providing users with a high degree of control over the modeling process. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced 3D artist, Blender’s robust toolset provides a wealth of options for creating stunning 3D models.

6. Sculpting

The sculpting toolkit in Blender allows for the creation of highly detailed 3D objects in a shorter amount of time compared to traditional modeling methods. These sculptures can be used in various applications, including video game character design. However, before using sculpted characters in games, additional steps such as baking may be required to map the details of a high poly model onto a low poly one. While this process was once necessary for game engines, modern ones are becoming more efficient at handling large amounts of geometry.

Aside from game design, sculpted models can also be used in high-quality animations and render. It’s important to note that the amount of geometry in a scene can significantly impact the time it takes to render an animation, so it’s essential to consider this when using sculpted models.

7. Video Editing

Source: https://www.blender.org/

Blender 3D can be best described as a versatile software, offering not only the ability to create animations but also to make edits to them using its built-in video sequence editor. Interestingly, the video that requires editing doesn’t necessarily have to be a rendered animation but can be any standard video format like an mp4.

While Blender’s video editing tools may not be as advanced as more established software, it still offers all the necessary basic tools to accomplish the task at hand. Blender’s ability to handle both animation and video editing in one program is a testament to its versatility and makes it an appealing option for multimedia projects.

8. Open Source

Blender’s open-source nature is a major advantage for 3D creation communities as it allows users to modify the program and their projects without any restrictions. This collaborative approach enables public software developers and regular users to contribute to the development of the software, resulting in more innovative features being added with each update.

One key factor contributing to this collaborative environment is the interactive Python console provided by Blender. The API enables different systems to communicate with each other without understanding the specifics of each system. Blender’s API works with Python scripting, which allows users to customize the application and create specialized tools. This results in new features, responsive bug fixes, and improved usability.

Advanced users can take advantage of Blender’s API for Python scripting to make both small and significant changes to the code base. As a result, Blender includes numerous add-ons that are periodically included in its releases, such as X-Muscle System, MeasureIt, Archimesh, and Rigify.

If you want to learn more about Blender, make sure to enroll in a reliable 3-D modeling course. If you’re interested in pursuing short or long-term courses, consider visiting the MAGES Institute of Excellence. They offer a variety of web development and designing programs suitable to your requirements.


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