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Diploma in Game Art

The Game Art Program offered by MAGES Institute is amongst the best digital art programs in Singapore. This degree is built to fully prepare participants for a successful future in interactive digital art, not only in Singapore but also in the global market.

Students will commit 11 months and leave as polished designers with a portfolio of their own creations and a wide range of applicable skills.

MAGES Game Art Program teaches students proper terminology used in the field, sculpting and texturing skills, utilization of Next-Gen Workflows, an understanding of character anatomies, and how to render and break down game models professionally.

Duration :11 Months (3hrs per day; 5 days a week Full-Time, 3 days a week Part-Time) ; International Students are only offered Full-Time course.

Student-to-Lecturer Ratio :12 Students : 1 Lecturer

Medium of Instruction :Lectures & Practical (Hands on Application)

Mode of Assessment :Project Based Assessments for All Modules

Software Taught :Photoshop | 3D Studio Max | Z-Brush | Substance Painter | Marvelous Designer

Note :A Pass in all Modules within the maximum study period is required for Graduation.


Gaurav Kumar
Adeeb Md.
Gaetan Perrot

11 Months Program

Term 1 Fundamentals

In this term, students will begin with the fundamental knowledge (Design/2D/3D) needed for game artistry.

Term 1 : Fundamentals

In the first term of our 11-month program, students will begin with the foundational knowledge needed for quality game artistry. MAGES Game Art courses will give students crucial game design principles that can be used throughout the entirety of their careers. By teaching the fundamentals of Game Art first, we set students up with valuable concepts and strategies that can be applied to all aspects of their work.

The program will cover the following modules:

  • Game Design Principles
  • Art Fundamentals
  • Fundamentals of Game Art
Term 2 Skills

The focus of this term will be to develop Next Gen 3D characters and environments Incorporating 3D Design processes, as well as next gen texturing to compose a finished product

Term 2 : Skills

In the second term of the program, students put the fundamentals to use by building their skillset. The Game Art Institute will provide lectures and hands-on applications for using Next-Gen workflows. Students will proficiently develop characters and environments with 2D and 3D concept design processes, as well as modeling and sculpting to compose a finished product.

The program will cover the following modules:

  • Next Gen Character
  • Environment Modelling for Games
Term 3 Portfolio

This Term prepares students for the next step in their careers by assembling polished work into a portfolio and instilling confidence that they have all of the tools and knowledge needed for a successful career in game art.

Term 3 : Portfolio

Students focus on Game Production and developing their final portfolio in the third term of the program. MAGES Game Art School prepares students for the next step in their careers by assembling polished works into a portfolio and instilling confidence that they have all of the tools and knowledge needed for a successful career in the Digital Arts.

The program will cover the following modules:

  • Game production
  • Portfolio Development

Program Video

Before and After




Sean Lee


Yirang Zhang


Elina Avdieieva

"..I like the atmosphere in MAGES, its very friendly, I can always ask (lecturers) for some help.. I've never learnt digital art before so learning all the new software was a challenge but I'm glad that I did"

Vishal Reddy

"..They teach you everything you need to learn .. you really get the attention you need."

Additional Information

Upcoming Intakes

26 Sep 2022
Full Time

Entry Requirements

Academic : 2 Credit Passes at GCE ‘O’ Level (excl English) or equivalent, or Foundation Certificate in Art and Technology or Certificate in Art or Animation related course in MAGES or other institutions.

English : IELTS 5.5 or Pass in English GCE ‘O’ Levels or equivalent

Age : 16 Years Old or above

(Mature Candidates above 30 years old require 6 years working experience)

Please contact us for advice on minimum entry requirements before applying if needed

Course Fees

(Incl of 7% GST)
International Students
SGD 18,712.16 Singapore Citizens & PRs SGD 16,304.66


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Game Art Institute

MAGES Institute of Excellence, a leading Game Art Institute is proud to offer the leading Game Art Diploma Program. The Program will fully prepare students for a successful future in interactive digital art across the globe, far advanced and in-depth than ZBrush Courses. Across the 11 months, students will learn and develop fundamentals such as Game Design Principles, Art Fundamentals, and Fundamentals of Game Art, proceed to develop their newly acquired skills to be able to develop Next Gen Characters and model Environments specifically designed for games, and develop their own portfolio in the final term of the course. Students will walk away with a polished portfolio with critiques from industry professionals, and proceed with newfound confidence to start a successful career in the Digital Arts. At MAGES Game Art School, professors designing the Game Art Program are Industry professionals with decades of combined experience in relevant fields and are aware of the challenges faced in the industry and how to overcome them.


Game Art Diploma Overview

MAGES Game Art Diploma Program is an 11 months program by MAGES Institute of Excellence, designed to teach students the fundamentals of Game art, Develop their skills, and work in a game development project to simulate game production pipeline (relevant from the art production side).
The first term of the Game Art Course will teach students art fundamentals (general and specific to the video games industry), and principles of game design. Strong fundamentals will provide a stable base for students to build their skills on, which will comprise the second term (creating a next generation character and learning to model environments for games). Students will proceed to the third term where they will focus on game production activities and learn about methodology of working in a game studio. Students will also develop their own portfolios critiqued by industry professionals ready to take their first step in the Digital Art world, and build successful and memorable careers.

About Game Art Diploma

The Game Art Diploma Program is an 11 month program comprising 7 modules across three terms or approximately 3 months each taught at MAGES Game Art School. The first term consists of Game Design Principles (students will learn the principles of Game Design to understand basics, and form an outline of the process from an art production perspective), Art Fundamentals (the basics of art and color theory etc), and fundamentals of Game Art (the salient points necessary to output valuable game art). Fundamentals Term aims to build a strong foundation following which the Students would be able to learn, experiment and grow. Students will be tasked with hands-on application for using Next-Gen workflows to create next generation Game Characters, build Environments using 2D and 3D concept design processes and 3D modelling, digital sculpting to compose a finished product. In the final term, students will focus on Game Production and develop their final portfolio using polished artworks refined by professional critiques, and be ready to step into the Digital Art world.