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Enter a fast-changing world of game design and development. At MAGES, Our Game Design Courses and Game Programming Courses will teach you how to harness new technologies to meet the rapidly growing needs of the gaming industry. This Singapore-based course will equip you with the skills needed to succeed in this competitive job market.

Using programming languages in the context of game development, create 2d and 3d games combining principles of art and design, using gaming engines such as Unity Engine, and Unreal Engine.

Game Programming Courses

Learn the cutting edge software and design tools of the gaming industry in MAGES Game Design Courses! Through this program, you can learn about everything from creating surreal landscapes in game engines, to developing virtual simulations. Learn video game design, level design and lighting, and what the production process is in the gaming industry.

With technological advancements, upskilling has become necessary for success. One such upskilling program for a digital designer would be MAGES Game Design Courses. Crafted with a futuristic approach, a game programming course curriculum focuses on the profound needs of the industry, be it creating surreal landscapes, crafting stories, building characters, or developing virtual simulations, MAGES Game design program prepares you for all.

Game Programming Courses in Singapore

Realize your dream of becoming a game developer and build skills in developing games via MAGES Game Programming Course. Our Game design courses are conceived by industry veterans to deliver you with technical expertise so you can perform on the latest hardware and software platforms. We have world class faculty who help propel you towards excellence.

Our exceptional faculty help propel the students towards excellence. We have produced professionals of the future by providing them intricate knowledge in game programming and programming languages to sustain in the global disruption age driven by technological change.

Virtual Reality School

Virtual Reality (VR) is an emerging technology that allows users to interact with digital environments using head mounted displays. MAGES Virtual Reality School conducts Professional Certificate (250hrs) programs and Short Courses (less than 50 hrs) in Augmented and Virtual Reality, taught by Industry Veterans (Unity Certified and Unreal Engine Authorised Lecturers)

Virtual Reality User experience usually involves wearing a VR headset along with a controller with some form of motion sensing. Popular gaming engines like Unity and Unreal are used to create these 3D experiences.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality (AR) technology has seen an uprise in demand in the recent years. Industry leaders (Apple, Microsoft, and Google) have already integrated AR into their products. Thus, predicting a huge requirement of professionals with expertise in design and development of AR. The problem solving AR courses offered by MAGES become paramount to excel in the field.

MAGES AR and VR courses conducted by experts in the field are powered by industry standard game engines and equipment. The Virtual Reality School also operates its own Production House : MAGES Studio Pte. Ltd.

Motion Design School

MAGES Motion Design School will help you advance your education and guide you towards professional goals. Learn the basics of graphic design from the finest in the business about the various facets of motion designing, including narrative development, storyboard creation, animation, editing, sound, and direction.

The lecturers at MAGES Institute are working professionals and artists who not only help you develop your talents but also impart their knowledge and insider tips. Students will replicate real-world situations throughout the course and work on 2D and 3D projects. The curriculum is created to ease students’ transition from academic settings to work environments.

Concept Art School

Choose MAGES Concept Art School to get a comprehensive understanding of digital art and stay ahead of the curve. Learn from practicing artists about digital sculpting, 3D modeling, and digital composition. Through a variety of projects and in-class instruction, students will gain a thorough understanding of software programs including Maya, Zbrush, 3ds Max, and Photoshop during the design course.

MAGES has a student to instructor ratio of no more than 12:1, as it believes that knowledge is best transferred in small groups. The training will offer opportunities for employment in a variety of fields, including those in the arts, design, programming, and gaming. The MAGES Institute of Excellence, one of Singapore’s top Concept Art institutions, further solidifies the island’s reputation as a hub for design education.

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MAGES team and its mentors are amongst the finest minds in the Creative and Technology Industry. MAGES provides students with a specialized training that empowers them to lead and accelerate change in the Industry.
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Kobe Sek

Mentor | Art Director | Concept Artist

Xuanming Zhou

Mentor | Game Designer

Enrique Caballero

CG & Character Department Supervisor (One Animation Studio)

Desmond Lin

Mentor | Senior Lighting Director

Nirmal David

Animation Director (Cirqus Studios)


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