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A Tale of Passion and Progress

Kyong’s Journey from SMU Professor to PCXR Student at MAGES

Explore the inspiring journey of Kyong, an assistant professor at Singapore Management University, as she leverages the XR Immersive program at MAGES Institute to fuse education, technology, and sustainability. Kyong’s visionary project, the “Planet Avengers Carnival” VR app, gamifies climate change education, making it engaging for primary school students.

Whether you’re a business or a technology person, XR is something we will eventually be part of.” 

In this short article, we will share the story of a passionate teacher who breaks barriers with her remarkable journey from classroom to cutting-edge AI Expert “Kyong” developed a virtual reality application for climate change education capstone project, “Planet Avengers Carnival.”

Inside the app (Climate Change Educational VR App), there are games. You pop balloons with arrows to learn about different gases in one game. Another game concerns cleaning a room and figuring out what can be recycled. There’s also stuff about the greenhouse effect and a game with olive oil bottles.

This app makes learning about climate change fun. You can play and learn in a virtual world. It’s easy to use because it gives clear instructions. Just press the green button to start.


Hey there, curious minds and aspiring XR enthusiasts! Today, we have a story to share about Kyong, an assistant professor at Singapore Management University (SMU). Kyong took part in the XR Immersive program at MAGES Institute, blending education, technology, and a passion for a sustainable future.

You might wonder, why MAGES? Well, Kyong had a clear vision – she aimed to dive headfirst into the realm of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) applications with an eco-friendly twist. Her focus? Climate change education. Aiming to align with SMU’s ideology of merging technology and business, Kyong’s decision to choose MAGES Institute was not just wise but ingenious.

eco-friendly twist-kyong

But hold on, let’s rewind a little. Who’s Kyong, and what’s the big deal about this XR Immersive program? Kyong is not just a typical assistant professor; she’s a visionary with a heart set on cultivating a climate-conscious mindset from a young age, she teamed up with three like-minded classmates to work on a groundbreaking project. Their mission? To make learning about climate change an engaging, exciting adventure for primary school students.

Cue the virtual reality application, a brainchild of Kyong and her peers. This creative masterpiece was crafted with care, precision, and a whole lot of dedication. The goal was simple – to infuse fun into climate change education and empower young minds with knowledge about the planet’s well-being. The result? Positive feedback is pouring in from all corners.

Green Plan-innovative learning tool

But here’s where the story gets even more exciting. Kyong and her team are still looking at just the virtual drawing board. They’re trying to bring this innovative learning tool to life in Singapore’s primary schools. Imagine a classroom where students don VR headsets to explore the melting Arctic, witness the majesty of coral reefs, and truly grasp the urgency of environmental preservation. It’s a dream worth pursuing, and Kyong and her fellow visionaries are turning it into reality.

You might think, “All this sounds amazing, but how did they manage it?” Good question! Life is known for throwing curveballs, and juggling a full-time job while diving into an immersive program is a different walk in the park. But Kyong and her teammates (Sheraj, Chin Beng, & Pei Hsing)  are living proof that where there’s a will, there’s a way. 

With sheer determination, time management, and a dash of teamwork, they found the part-time XR Immersive program at MAGES Institute not just doable but incredibly rewarding.

Kyong’s journey carries an essential message – “chasing your dreams is always worth it”. Suppose you’re considering a career transition into the XR field, especially regarding applications that make a real-world impact. In that case, MAGES Institute’s XR program might be the gateway you’re looking for. As Kyong passionately puts it, “The XR Immersive program at MAGES is not just a course; it’s a ticket to shaping the future, one digital experience at a time.

So there you have it, an enthralling account of Kyong’s quest to bridge education, technology, and sustainability through the captivating world of XR. If this tale has ignited a spark within you, urging you to blend your passions with innovation, remember – the XR field is waiting, and MAGES Institute is ready to transform your aspirations into a vibrant reality. 

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