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Animation and the modern world: The new avenues that have opened up

Animation has found applications in education, career development, and industrial integration, especially in Virtual and Augmented Reality. MAGES Institute of Excellence in Singapore offers world-class digital animation courses, including the Advanced Diploma in Visual Effects, preparing students and working professionals for promising careers in this rapidly expanding field.

The way we see the world has changed a lot since the advent of technology, and the world has become the technologically advanced place to live in. There was a time when clicking a mere portrait required a gigantic setup, and today we have cameras in-built our smartphones. Similarly, the world of videos has changed a lot, where it all started with monochrome visuals today it has advanced into animating characters, or animation getting augmented in the real world. The animation is one form of a video that has gained a lot of momentum and acceptance in the market, and not only in the industry but also at a consumer level. Since animation, is one of the core components of recently developed concept VISTA (Visual, Image, Sound, Text and Animation), its acceptance is high, because of the similarities the concept shares with the way human brain functions. The advent of virtual reality is a prime example of VISTA in action (take up a virtual reality course to learn more).

The introduction of animation as a field became the source of development of multiple avenues, which has generated a lot of employment opportunities as well. Some of the prominent areas that have benefitted from the advent of animation include:

  • Education sector: Animation and video content have helped improve the way education is usually imparted to the students. Today, it has become a quintessential part of the whole structure and has also enhanced the levels of teaching.
  • Career Development: The demand for animators has seen a sudden increase, and has opened a wide horizon for animation teaching schools. Various institutes have even introduced full-time or part-time animation courses.
  • Integration with other technologies: Animation has become one of the crucial elements for some of the technologies like Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality that has been recently introduced.
  • Industry: Today, a lot of industries have started incorporating the use of animation combined with VR/AR in day-to-day work of manufacturing or industrial units. Apart from the training modules, the use of animation in one form or the other has been incorporated with various real-time processes as well.

Digital Animation Course

But the underlying question that remains is what do we have enough animators to cater to the growing demand? A lot of training centres have mushroomed across the globe to cater to this increase in demand. But MAGES Institute of Excellence, Singapore is one such institute that has been making rounds across the landscape of animation development. Apart from the world-class infrastructure, highly-experienced and amiable faculty, MAGES Institute of Excellence offers courses for both working individuals, enabling them career growths, and students, enabling them for a great career path. Some of the salient highlights of the digital animation course offered by MAGES Institute of Excellence are:

  • Learn to manage the production of visual projects
  • Develop natural scenarios by use of appropriate particles or dynamic effects
  • Integrate 2D and 3D imagery/animations using compositing techniques
  • Use advanced rendering techniques to create real-time imagery

The Advanced Diploma in Visual Effects is amongst many of the digital animation courses offered by MAGES Institute of Excellence at their centre. The field of animation is growing at a pace, faster than ever. Animation has created its niche, and user segment and it is likely to grow in the coming years by multiple folds.


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