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Top 5 High-Paying Data Science Jobs for Beginners in Singapore!

MAGESAugust 18 , 2020

According to the sixth edition of Data Never Sleeps report, more than 2.5 quintillion bytes of data is being created every day. Well, someone needs to manage this data.

Singapore has been known for using analytics and data science for the economic growth of the country. Now, after the launch of Smart Nation Vision, Singapore has become a hub for analytics and data science companies. This resulted in Singapore becoming a heaven for data science job seekers.

With an average base package of S$ 81,000, it shows the importance of data science in the industry.

Who is Hiring?

Data is the key factor to understand the customer needs in the industry. Data being so abundant makes it difficult for companies to find meaning and understand customer needs. Needless to say, every industry is adapting to this revolution of data science.

Companies from diverse industries are hiring data engineers and data scientists for this sole purpose. Here are some companies who are hiring for these roles –


The global search giant is requiring numerous data scientists and data engineers for the Singapore office. Usually, a master’s degree in statistics, mathematics, applied science and engineering are the most preferred for this kind of job.

The skills required are SQL, Python and R language, Big Data to name a few. For a data-driven company like Google, it expects the candidate to be highly skilled in programming languages. Mind well the career of a data science enthusiast starts at the base level of a data engineer.

The excitement will begin at the interview level itself, as the company is known for examining candidates very thoroughly.

The salary is quite high for this position as well. The salary ranges from SGD30k to SGD78k.


With a salary ranging from SGD50k to SGD120k per year, Facebook is one of the top payers for the beginners in the industry. It’s readily employing beginners and mid-level experienced people for the role. The openings being less makes it a tough deal again.

The company is completely data-driven and needs more such people. Data science is a relatively new industry and hence makes it easy for people to get in.

The roles will primarily be regarding Facebook Ads and it’s data management. The entry-level candidate will be responsible for the data cleaning and pipelining.


A company with a reach in almost every part of the world saw an opportunity in Singapore as well. Being an E-commerce giant, Amazon needs a skilled and motivated data science team to handle the massive user data. The company is actively looking for data engineers and experienced data scientists.

The role of the candidate will depend on the basis of vertical, i.e. Prime Video, Amazon Shopping or AWS.

Singapore is the hub for data science-based companies, which makes more sense in terms of business to hire data science engineers from here.

The salary ranges from SGD30K to SGD100k+ for beginners and experienced, respectively.

DBS Bank

DBS bank is known for using innovative ways of handling the business. The company employed an AI system to transform the recruitment process. This tells a lot about the interest of the company in data science and manipulation.

The company is using Data Science for selling its various products and services to its customers. Being a multinational organization with a huge customer base, the company is in search of great data science engineers.

The opportunity for candidates with knowledge of SAS, SQL, Python etc. is huge. The salary range is similar to that offered in Amazon. 


A company with a huge dominance in various industries recently launched its digital hub in Singapore. It has been looking for AR/VR and AI experts along with Data Science enthusiasts to handle the projects and guide them with appropriate insights. They are looking for enthusiasts who are motivated and in love with data science.

In the world of all visualization, Siemens is taking a great step and providing exciting opportunities.

A person who can help visualize the data most innovatively and interestingly can target this job. The field of work being AR, VR and AI, it will be quite exciting. There will be a very steep learning curve for the candidate as the domain is still evolving. The paycheck one can expect is also exciting which may vary from SGD33k and above.

In Conclusion: Data Science Career: Key Skills

“A data scientist is that unique blend of skills that can both unlock the insights of data and tell a fantastic story via the data.”   — DJ Patil, the Chief Data Scientist of the United States Office of Science and Technology Policy

Broadly, it can be said that there are three main skills you need to possess for achieving success in this field.

  • Technical Skills – Data Science is a data-driven field and hence tools such as Python and R language are the must-know technologies. The addition of Scala, SQL and Hadoop will take you places.
  • Communication Skills – Communication skills do not particularly mean verbal; they also include graphical or creative. To showcase the extracted data and insights, you need to be skilled in representing it in simple charts or graphs.
  • Business Acumen – Although technical and analytical skills are necessary to become a data scientist or data engineer, good business acumen will set you apart. The goals such as identifying crucial operational problems and user experience can only be figured out by this.

Every industry in some way or the other is handling data of customers. This data is being used for improving customer experience and understanding customer needs. All industries are adapting to the change and this will result in new job opportunities.

If you’re looking to make a career in the data science industry – we’ve got you covered.

From industry-relevant knowledge to guidance from experienced mentors, the right peer support and networking opportunities, MAGES offers you all. At prices that won’t break the bank.

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