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Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix are looking for artists like you

Explore the world of artists and art directors shaping the captivating narratives of OTT platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime. With the demand for visually compelling storytelling on the rise, professionals with backgrounds in design and fine arts are sought after.

More OTT platforms are looking for artists and you could be next…

‘Content is king’ (Bill Gates couldn’t have been more right!).

Even OTT platforms like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Hulu, and others are based on the survival and reach of the content they distribute. The constant need for content consumption in the digital age is the lifeblood of these global OTT platforms.

And it’s certainly here to stay.

They are basically selling well-told, beautifully crafted tales in a medium that wins the hearts of the audience. And there are many people behind the scenes who are responsible for this great fit.

Some of them are artists, art directors, and many others who come from a background of design & fine arts. Netflix hires the most experienced professionals who at least have 3-4 years of experience in production and art direction for their multiple positions in concept art, set design, animation, and film production.

Visual as well as storyboard artists are in high demand due to the increase in daily consumption of OTT content over TV and other mediums. Storyboard artists with strong portfolios are in the highest demand. Proficiency in various basic writing & design tools like Google Docs/Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Illustrator is a must. Having these basic skills on your belt will help you get a job at these creative powerhouses.

If you have more than a couple of the following qualities and skills in you, you’re in high demand to get a job as an artist at one of these popular OTT platforms –

1. Creativity mixed well with discipline

Being a creative person is an obvious prerequisite to being an artist.

But if you are someone who can pave a way to make creativity more accessible, then you are the one. Bringing discipline into the act and craft of creativity is essential for creating content that is relevant to the current times.

Nonetheless, it’s one of the hardest feats to achieve on a daily basis. Yet if you know that you can be creative as well as disciplined with your work at most times, you will have more scope.

2. Timeliness along with being result-oriented

These OTT platforms produce content that their audience desires at a given moment. And that desire might change after a month or even a week.

So timelines are becoming ultra-important in this industry.

You must also be able to generate work that is worthy and apt to the brief given. It has to help the platform rise higher in ratings, views, revenue, and growth.

So a good mix of being a great time manager and having a results-focused approach is a game-changer. If this sounds like you, start applying now.

3. Team worker and an independent person

As this industry is a result of the evolving technology and the digital revolution, the work environments here keep changing.

One day, you might be brainstorming ideas with a huge team or having a conference meeting on a Monday morning; another day you’ll be alone at a cafe thinking of a better way to portray or write or design a scene in an upcoming series.

If you can pull off being a team worker and at times also being self-sufficient, then you are practically made for this industry.


4. Good visual judgment coupled with an audience focus

Visual judgment and a design sense are key.

And if you can do that with a grip on the current trends and cultural behavior, you’re golden. As the content created by you is ultimately consumed by the audiences, so it’s imperative to keep them in mind always.

OTT platforms are always on a hunt to find the cash cows in terms of content that looks and feels good as well as that resonates with their audience at large. This peculiar skill can get you places in the company and in the field itself.

5. People skills and the ability to get work done

As this is more or less a service industry, people are the lifeblood of the workplace.

They represent all the non-material wealth the platform owns. And you’ll find the most talented, creative, open-minded, and awesome people here. This also brings a level of conflict due to the varied and strong opinions of all these individuals.

You must be able to crack the symmetry and the synergy with all these diverse personalities to get work done. This is one of the most underrated and crucial skills of all time.

6. Enthusiasm & passion with a realistic approach

The act of creating anything needs a lot of passion, enthusiasm, and a certain zeal to see it through.

As opposed to popular opinion, creativity is the most chaotic thing. It’s not as smooth as the last strokes of a beautiful painting. The patience, perseverance, and continuous passion towards the craft helped the artist to complete the piece of work he endeavored to achieve.

If you can be enthusiastic and yet realistic and patient enough to see through long projects, give the role a try. A sense of awareness on when and how to push through counts at every moment in this kind of work.

Artists with a flow of passion and creativity create great art that people admire. But you also need to create something that people enjoy and keep coming back for more. This requires a certain level of a good mix of right and left brain thinking. If you can be creative as well as analytical at different times, the OTT platforms would love to have you on board. Go for it!

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